To improve system reliability during emergencies, roadway agencies and emergency response agencies must work together to establish goals, objectives, strategies, and intergovernmental agreements that improve operations of the region’s roadway system. Strategies could include ensuring communication is automated between agencies, sharing data and information, improving policies, and establishing necessary agreements between agencies.

Action 1

Work with IDOT to expand effective incident management procedures across the expressway system.


The tollway

Action 2

Require 911 call centers to work with road system operators on establishing automated information exchange and data sharing.


The state

Action 3

Collaborate to establish a system of secure, high-capacity data infrastructure region-wide with sufficient redundancy to ensure uninterrupted communication, to operate roadways more efficiently, and to take advantage of future vehicle technology.


The region

Action 4

Implement a regional traffic management center that includes arterials.



Action 5

Establish routine and automated information exchanges.


Transit management centers and highway management centers