In developed, unincorporated areas, many services are provided by counties, leading to inefficiencies and high costs in some areas. Encouraging the annexation of these neighborhoods and commercial districts by adjacent municipalities, however, is not without challenges. Many residents prefer to remain in an unincorporated area, in part due to differences in local regulations. In addition, many of these areas would require significant infrastructure improvements to meet municipal standards. Planning and securing funding for these infrastructure improvements is a key step in encouraging municipalities to annex these areas. Because their residents and businesses will play important decision-making roles, their concerns must be addressed in any annexation process.

Action 1

Form boundary agreements with neighbors, periodically study the benefits and costs of annexation, maintain dialogue with counties, and annex adjacent unincorporated neighborhoods where desired and appropriate.



Action 2

Develop a plan and commit resources to make infrastructure improvements in unincorporated areas appropriate for annexation.


Counties interested in pursuing annexation of unincorporated areas by municipalities

Action 3

Help counties and municipalities plan for annexation of developed unincorporated areas.