In adding more than 2.3 million more residents and 920,000 new jobs between now and 2050, our region will see some areas experience rapid new development. As covered under the TRA goal, CMAP understands the need for targeted technical assistance to such areas. Yet the impacts of rapid growth differ across the region. In disinvested areas, such investment may bring greater access to amenities and/or services. Yet such growth may also rapidly increase property values, potentially leading to displacement of existing residents, businesses, and community networks. This displacement frequently results in significant cultural and demographic change that can, among other negative impacts, harm the health of affected residents. Communities can implement short- and long-term strategies to support their goals and assist existing and new residents in their neighborhood.

Action 1

Identify disinvested areas experiencing rapid new development pressures and offer planning assistance.


CMAP and partners

Action 2

Identify and implement policies and regulatory strategies to preserve affordability, quality of life, and community character.


Local governments