Innovative, user-based revenue options must be part of region’s transportation funding solution

The region’s transportation system is facing significant challenges, including decades of underinvestment and declining revenues. ON TO 2050 estimates that the cost of operating and maintaining the transportation system in its current state of disrepair will exceed the funds expected to be available under existing revenue sources. Innovative transportation funding solutions are needed to make improvements that will provide mobility options that connect residents to economic and other opportunities, and support the region’s economy.

Aerial view of vehicles parked alongside a pedestrian pathway and residential dwellings.

Alternative sources of revenue generated by those who benefit from specific transportation projects — whether through their use of the system or an increase in the value of nearby property — are essential to improving the region’s transportation system. This analysis describes the potential for tolling, congestion pricing, and value capture to generate revenue for individual projects and meet broader recommendations of ON TO 2050.