As northeastern Illinois’ long-range plan, ON TO 2050 requires extensive and contant collaboration among stakeholders.

Review implementation matrices

ON TO 2050 provides opportunities to work together to help improve our region. Through the implementation matrices, local government officials, government staff, and nonprofits can help in five areas: communityprosperityenvironmentgovernance, and mobility.

Each area of the matrix provides ways that agencies, partners, CMAP, and the public can help improve our region. If you are seeking to help implement the plan, you’ll find information there.

Apply for funding and assistance

Every two years, CMAP offers a call for transportation projects through the Carbon Reduction Program, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program, Surface Transportation Program, and Transportation Alternatives Program.

CMAP also offers technical assistance for communities –– helping them build local capacity, engage communities, make critical decisions, and connect local partners to funding and resources. CMAP hosts a call for projects each year.

You also can get involved with current technical assistance projects in your community.

Stay informed

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