On October 12, 2022, the CMAP Board approved an update to the ON TO 2050 long-range plan, including an updated indicators appendix.

This indicator measures the average one-way commute time of workers in the Chicago metropolitan statistical area by race and ethnicity, inclusive of all modes of transportation. Longer commute times decrease the productivity of workers and hinder their ability to connect to available and attainable employment opportunities. Local and regional planning should emphasize improving commute times and options for residents facing long commutes by providing high-quality transportation options that are cost efficient and increase residential access to fruitful economic opportunities. This will require shifts in transportation, land use, and economic development planning and policy.


Average journey to work time by race and ethnicity, 2010-14, in minutes


  •   Asian
  •   Hispanic
  •   White (non-Hispanic)
  •   Black
  •   Other
  •   Two or more races


CMAP analysis of public-use microdata from the Minnesota Population Center’s IPUMS-USA database.
An infographic showing data