This page includes resources specific to project sponsors of Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program, Carbon Reduction Program (CRP), and Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) projects. General TIP resources are available on the TIP programmer resources page.

Visit eTIP for current project funding information. 

Quarterly status updates

Status updates are required for all projects with CMAQ, CRP, and/or TAP funds including those that are in deferment. The updates must be submitted in December, March, June, and September of every federal fiscal year. Failure to submit required status updates may result in significant project delay or the project being deferred in the program which would move funding out of the active TIP years into MYB.

Complete and email the update forms to and copy your Council of Mayors planning liaison.

Project initiation guidance

CMAP created guidance for sponsors about the next steps for implementing federally funded projects following the award of funding.

Project change requests

Project sponsors needing to make a project change request should review the below procedure, complete the appropriate form(s) and submit the completed form(s) to their planning liaison or CMAP, as explained in the procedure. Current submittal deadlines for CMAQ, CRP, and TAP Project Selection Committee consideration are shown below and are included in the CMAP transportation schedule.

Local sponsors needing to make a project change request for a withdrawal or fiscal year change should contact their planning liaison. All other sponsors should contact Jon Haadsma at

CMAQ & TAP project change requests dueCMAQ & TAP Project Selection CommitteeIDOT lettings
2024 meetings and deadlines

Change requests submitted on the due dates above are for projects targeting the listed IDOT state lettings. Non-construction phases, projects being let locally, and projects within FTA grants should review the CMAP transportation schedule for the Transportation Committee meetings when TIP change actions are approved. All CMAQ and TAP project change actions are subject to TIP amendment procedures and do not take effect until they are included in the adopted TIP.

CMAQ program management policies

To encourage project accomplishment, the MPO Policy Committee and CMAP Board approved these policies:

In April 2012, the CMAQ Project Selection Committee also adopted a procedure to release CMAQ funds from projects for which the final phase has been authorized/obligated by FHWA but which are not closed out.

The procedure provides that a portion of programmed but unauthorized funds will be removed from the project and made available for cost increases, contingency projects, or future funding cycles. The portion to remain with the project is 5 percent of the authorized amount or $100,000, whichever is larger. If the unauthorized portion is less than $100,000, no funds will be removed.

The portion not removed will stay with the project to ensure funds will be available if change orders occur. If a larger change order occurs than what remains programmed for the project, the Project Selection Committee will be asked to approve a cost increase for the project.

This procedure will not affect projects for which the funds are obligated in an FTA grant or implementation projects with funding in multiple years.

Project contact updates

If the point of contact for your project has changed, please email with the new contact, including the TIP ID(s).

CMAQ frequently asked questions

When your project moves forward towards implementation you may find that scope changes are necessary and/or that the budget has changed. Project change requests may be made according to the project changes procedures.

When a project phase fails to meet accomplishment goals it is subject to deferral and having funding removed from the CMAP TIP. View an overview of CMAQ programming and management deferral policies.

Projects that are ready to go ahead of the year they were programmed in can submit a request to advance the project schedule. If sufficient funds are available due to other projects being delayed or due to the current unobligated balance of the CMAQ program, the project can be moved forward. 

Each phase of a project is assigned a sunset year by which the phase must be accomplished. Sunset years are determined by adding two years beyond the original year the phase was programmed for. Failure to accomplish a phase by September 30 of the sunset year will cause all remaining funds for the project to be removed from the active years of the TIP and the project will be considered deferred. See processing deferrals above for more information.

Past approved programs

Project applications

Project type Count CMAQ/TAP $ requested
Access to transit 9 $         5,276,831
Bicycle facilities 34 $    105,104,498
Bottleneck elimination 5 $    110,336,016
Direct emissions reduction 10 $    190,249,828
Intersection improvement 29 $      86,738,085
Other 5 $      34,579,920
Signal interconnect 4 $         5,298,199
Transit facility improvement 8 $    333,962,232
Transit service and equipment 1 $      35,200,000
Grand total 105 $ 906,745,609

Past approved programs